Jail Booking Process

Live-Scan Electronic Fingerprinting

Finney County Sheriff's Office is one of the first Sheriff’s Offices in the State of Kansas to use a live-scan electronic fingerprint machine, a product of Cross Match. The live scan allows for the electronic capture and transmission of fingerprints and arrest data to go directly to the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) at the KBI. The live scan device was obtained through a grant from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) and matching funds.

Mug Shot

The photograph (mug shot) is taken using a studio grade video camera. After capturing the photo, the Jail staff prints a picture ID card with the inmate’s name and booking number on it. The inmate must wear this ID card the entire time they are in jail. The photo capture and printing system is a product of Daymark Solutions of Overland Park, KS.


While persons are incarcerated in jail their safety is most important. They are granted certain privileges but may be revoked for disciplinary or security reasons if necessary. Some of these privileges include access to a phone, television, reading material, playing cards, and a limited number of board games.

In-House Trust Fund

When a prisoner is lodged in jail, any money they have is confiscated and an in-house computerized trust fund is established. It is from this fund that commissary purchases and medical co-pay debits are made. Keefe Commissary Network provides commissary services from which prisoners may purchase non-perishable food and snack items, writing tablets, envelopes, stamps, non-prescription medications, and personal hygiene items once a week.

Trust Fund Policy

Family and friends have three methods to deposit money to an inmate’s trust fund; over the internet at Access Corrections, by phone at (866) 345-1884 or come to the law enforcement center and use the lobby kiosk. Checks or money orders are no longer accepted. Prisoners are not allowed to carry a negative balance except for the purchase of medications and medical co-pay debits. When the prisoner is released they are given a debit card or check for any remaining balance in their Trust fund.