Medical Care

Medical Care Provided

Prisoners are provided medical and dental treatment as necessary to ensure their health. A full-time nurse provides initial evaluation, treatment, and counseling in accordance with her certification, approved health protocols, procedures, and the jail practitioner's approval. If additional care is needed, an appointment is made with an appropriate physician or health care facility. The nurse also coordinates the dispensing of inmate medications.

Co-Pay and Fee's

Prisoners who require an evaluation by the nurse, a visit to a doctor, or a prescription are assessed a co-pay fee. If the prisoner has money in their trust fund the co-pay amount is deducted, otherwise the prisoner carries a negative account balance. Health services and medications are provided regardless of the prisoner’s ability to pay.

About the Co-Pay

Co-pay is simply a method of recouping some of these expenses just like the prisoner would have to do if they were on their own. Recent Kansas law allows Counties to go after these unpaid medical costs once the prisoner is released from custody. Finney County uses a collection agency to do this.