Transportation and Extradition of Fugitives

Escorting Inmates

The Sergeant and four certified deputies are each responsible for an assigned docket, courtroom, or judge. Their responsibilities include escorting inmates (adult and juvenile) to court hearings and providing safety/security in the courtroom and surrounding area. When not preparing for or attending court proceedings, deputies are constantly working to determine the location of wanted persons.

Wanted Persons

If you have information on a wanted person you may contact the Warrant Division by email or call (620) 272-3772.

Transportation and Extradition Process

Supervising the personnel of the Warrant Division is the responsibility of Captain Mike Schap. The Captain also coordinates the transportation and movement of all Finney County inmates. This includes extradition from any of the other 49 States, transports from jail to local medical/dental facilities, retrieval of inmates arrested elsewhere in Kansas on Finney County charges, and the transfer of any convicted felons sentenced into the custody of the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Active Warrants

Typically there are over 1,500 active warrants all of which are entered in National and State files for arrests in other jurisdictions. In 2006 the Warrant Division processed 2,126 warrants and coordinated the transportation of 339 prisoners for a total of 76,018 miles.