Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the following;

  •  Development, and implementation of;
    • Employee recruitment procedures in compliance with applicable State and Federal laws
    • Ongoing training programs for supervisors and employees
    • Promotion of staff development
  • Providing information and resolving issues related to benefits and policies with employees,
  • Assisting in and/or completing;
    • Wage surveys
    • Reviewing job descriptions with peers
    • Classifying positions properly
    • Reviewing employee evaluation procedures
  • Coordination of the Worker’s Compensation benefits with insurance carries, the County Clerk, and Safety Coordinator

Finney County is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

Employment Procedures

To apply for an open position with Finney County, please visit Employment Opportunities to complete an application. Applications are received by Human Resources and department-specific hiring managers. Hiring Managers will review all applications and notify Human Resources to set up interviews for selected candidates. All applicants are contacted by phone, email, or physical mail on the status of submitted applications as soon as possible.

Note: Further requirements and pre-employment testing may be required for certain positions