Register of Deeds

Uli Lappin, Register of Deeds

Uli Lappin 300
"My favorite thing about living in Finney County is that the people are friendly." 
Uli began working in the Finney County Register of Deeds office in 1980. She ran for Register of Deeds in 2008 and is currently serving her third four-year term. Uli is up for re-election in 2020.

She supervises two full-time employees and one part-time employee, ensuring that the office is maintaining and correctly indexing all records for every real-estate transaction in the county.

Shortly after she became the Register of Deeds, Uli was able to help the department transition all records into a digital system, making it easier for her staff to serve the public.

"We pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful, and our goal is to help every citizen that comes in, in every way possible."

Uli wants you to know that the department now has online subscriptions available so you can always access any record from any time, dating back to the 1880s.