The Finney County Administration department is comprised of four main positions:

County Administrator

The Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the County and is responsible to the Board of County Commissioners for the effective administration of all governmental affairs of the County. 

It is the duty of the County Administrator to implement and enforce all policies, rules, and regulations adopted by the Commission. 

Each appointed department director reports directly to the County Administrator. While the Administrator does not directly supervise the elected officials, he does provide them with direction and support as well. 

Assistant County Administrator / Finance Director 

This position assists the County Administrator in day-to-day operations of the County, and provides support and research in various operations and serves as backup in the absence of the County Administrator. In addition, this position is also the lead in preparing the annual budget and monitoring the overall financial performance of the County providing reports throughout the year.

In order to ensure financial accountability, this position also advises departments on purchasing and implements procedures to monitor expenditures. 

County Counselor

This position exists to give Finney County and the Board of County Commissioners legal counsel when needed. 

The County Counselor's role is statutory (KSA 19-247) but primarily provides legal advice on various matters pertaining to all aspects of County government to other elected and appointed officials. 

Business Manager

Finney County created this to provide administrative support to the Administration and Human Resource departments. 

The role of the Business Manager is to provide administrative support and assist with grant coordination, budget processing, and additional financial functions. 

To meet with any of the Administration Staff, or for more information, you may contact the Administration office at (620) 272-3542.

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