The Finney County Administration department is comprised of three main positions:

County Administrator

The Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the County and is responsible to the Board of County Commissioners for the effective administration of all governmental affairs of the County. 

It is the duty of the County Administrator to implement and enforce all policies, rules, and regulations adopted by the Commission. 

Each appointed department director reports directly to the County Administrator. While the Administrator does not directly supervise the elected officials, he does provide them with direction and support as well. 

To meet with the County Administrator, or for more information, you may contact the Administration office at (620) 272-3542.

Financial / Budget Analyst

Finney County created this position to oversee the County's newly adopted Priority-Based Budgeting system. 

This position is responsible for continued management, monitoring, and analysis of the County's budget by compiling financial information to focus in on efforts that will bring long-term fiscal responsibility. 

In order to ensure financial accountability, this position also advises departments on purchasing and implements procedures to monitor expenditures. 

Communications Specialist / Project Manager

This position exists to give Finney County a more active community presence. 

The role of the Communications Specialist is to oversee public relations and act as the media liaison for the County. This includes managing the website and social media accounts, and assisting departments with communications efforts, media relations, special stories, and special projects. 

If you are a member of the media, you can receive news releases and information from Finney County. Please submit your request to be placed on our media contacts list

For questions, comments, or suggestions for our website, email the Communications Specialist. 

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