Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA)

Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Inmates


The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) is a federally mandated law that came into effect on August 20, 2013.

The Finney County Sheriff's Office is making significant progress toward full PREA compliance in the areas of prevention, detection and response to incidents of sexual abuse and harassment. Responses to reports of sexual abuse have been standardized statewide and goals are in place to close any remaining identified gaps. 

With enhancements in quality control, data collection and on-going technical assistance, the Finney County Sheriff's Office has begun to pinpoint specific areas of focus in order to maximize agency resources and outcomes for PREA. 

PREA Investigations

Finney County Sheriff's Office’s policy requires that all PREA allegations are reviewed and assigned for investigation. Enforcement, Apprehensions & Investigations (EAI) Investigators throughout the agency have received specialized training to conduct administrative and criminal investigations regarding allegations of sexual abuse and harassment in confinements.  Criminal investigations are referred to appropriate authorities for prosecution.

Possible outcomes of PREA investigations are:
  • Substantiated:
The allegation was investigated and determined to have occurred.
  • Unsubstantiated:
The allegation was investigated and there was insufficient evidence to make a final determination as to whether or not the event occurred.
  • Unfounded:
The allegation was investigated and determined not to have occurred.


To report incidents of sexual abuse or sexual harassment:
PHONE: (620) 272-3700 or EMAIL
By Mail:
The Finney County Jail
Attn: PREA Department
304 N. 9th Street
Garden City, KS 67846


To Contact Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE):

Call: 1-800-323-8603 (Toll-Free)

TTY: 1-844-889-4357 (Toll-Free)

U.S Mail:
DHS Office of Inspector General/MAIL STOP 0305
Attn: Office of Investigations - Hotline
245 Murray Lane SW
Washington, DC 20528-0305