Technology Administration

Technology Administrator

The Finney County Sheriff's Office, like any successful organization, relies very heavily on computers and technology. To keep up with these demands the Sheriff's Office employees a full-time Technology Administrator, Captain Robert Hahn.


The Technology Administrator is responsible for all technological operations and management within the Department. This includes all computer systems and components, copiers, phone system, etc. The Technology Administrators works very closely with the County Computer Support Coordinator to ensure the most efficient and consistent use and deployment of the various technologies.

Data Sharing

While the AS/400 is County owned and managed, it is shared with the Garden City Police Department and Municipal Court, who are responsible for their own application and peripheral management. This also allows for sharing of data between the Sheriff's Office and Police Department.

For More Information

If you are interested in obtaining more information on the systems or software utilized please feel free to contact Captain Hahn at (620) 272-3700 or the participating vendors.