Maternal & Child Health Services


The Maternal and Infant Program (M&I) is a comprehensive health program designed to serve pregnant women and their infants and to improve the health of the mother during pregnancy in order to deliver a healthy baby.

M&I Health Care Team

The M&I program offers nurses as well as dieticians to maximize the health of pregnant women. For clients who speak English as a second language, the clinic utilizes interpreters during appointments. 

Once a woman is enrolled in the M&I program and financial arrangements have been made, she will be referred to a local prenatal care provider, based on patient assessment, qualifications, and provider availability, who will care for her and her baby throughout the pregnancy. 


Any pregnant woman in Finney County, regardless of age, marital status, or creed, who would benefit from additional services is eligible, including teenagers, high-risk pregnancies, those with limited or no financial resources, and those without access to medical care. 

Educational Topics

What to expect during pregnancy
Baby's growth and learning
Prevention, signs and symptoms of pre-term birth
Labor and delivery
Baby care
Importance of birth spacing
Baby blues/depression
Smoking cessation
Family support services
Nutritional counseling and support