Juvenile Intake and Assessment

 JIAS Objectives

Juvenile Intake and Assessment (JIAS) is the cornerstone of juvenile justice reform in the State of Kansas. It’s purpose is to identify strengths and needs of youth and families and identify resources in the community that can help overcome the many challenges youth and families face in today’s world. JIAS utilizes the MAYSI-2 to assess all youth arrested by local law enforcement officials to identify their risk factors. From this assessment, Youth Services determines whether further assessment services are needed.

Level II Assessment

Some youth will receive a follow-up assessment, the Level II assessment, a comprehensive assessment. Level II targets the risk needs that factors into the youth’s life. The assessment is reviewed by mental health professionals, substance abuse professionals, and case managers to develop a comprehensive service delivery system for families experiencing difficulties. These services are designed to reduce risk factors in youth. JIAS is offered throughout the district on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week schedule.