Program Requirements

Attendance Policy

Each student is expected to attend school daily and be on time. Absence from school must be excused from the Option Supervisor. The Option offers staff and parents / students the opportunity to partner for success as measured by the GED or a return to the regular school setting will result.

Point Card System

The Option is based on a point card and rank system. Points are not given, but earned based on student performance. The student goal is to earn the maximum amount of points for each task. The student earning the highest point total for the week earns the distinction of "top dog” along with the privileges that go with it.

Rank System

Another gauge of progress is the rank system. There are four ranks that require the student to achieve certain criteria for each one. Each rank has increased privileges and responsibilities. A promotion in rank displays that the student has made a commitment to be successful and is accepting to meet the challenge of future goals. Our Rank and point system is based at 100 days.