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All oil and gas leases and oil and gas wells, producing or capable of producing oil or gas in paying quantities, together with all casing, tubing and other equipment and materials used in operating oil and gas wells are considered personal property. (K.S.A. 79-329) A list of the current royalty owners, their decimal interest, and their addresses, is to be provided by the operator and is a requirement for filing the tax rendition per the oil and gas guide provided by the State. Oil and gas interests are valued at market value.

To print a copy of the current 2023 State of Kansas Oil & Gas Guide click below:

2023 Kansas Oil and Gas Guide & Addendum

2023 General KS Crude Oil Price Schedule

To print a Blank Oil or Gas Rendition click below:

2023 Blank Oil Rendition

2023 Blank Oil Rendition Additional Page

2023 Blank Gas Rendition

Gas Market Adjustment Factor 2023

To print the Board of Tax Appeals Tax Exemption Low Production Application Click on both below:

Board of Tax Appeals Exemption Application

Low Production Addition (Required with Application)