Information Technology (IT)

Doug Peters, Director of I.T.

Doug Peters 300
"Nothing we do in the IT department is for our department. I want our goals to align with Finney County as a whole, and make sure that our services are giving back to Finney County departments and citizens."
In 2014, Doug started working for Finney County as an IT Technician and became the director of the department in 2017.

As he supervises the department of five employees, Doug strives to ensure that Finney County staff has a harmonious working relationship with technology. In the 3-4 years that Doug's been on the team, they've implemented a lot of new technology in order to stay current in the digital environment.

"I see Finney County, as a whole, continuously working toward the future. I want to make sure I'm doing my job to assist all staff, all departments, to keep moving forward."

While his current focus is supporting Finney County departments to better do their job, Doug's vision for the future is that Finney County would pave the way toward an inter-connected community. His long-term goal is to implement a fiber network connection to all County buildings that would provide the ability to connect to our other community resources and our local and state entities.