Diversion Program

The Diversion Program is intended to give a "second chance" to offenders who commit a relatively minor criminal or traffic offense.

Diversion is a privilege and not a right. Diversion eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee diversion will be granted in any given case. There is no presumption in favor of Diversion in any case, and the burden of persuasion falls upon the Defendant to establish that a Diversion Program will serve the ends of justice and the interests of the community and victim(s).

Upon entering into a Diversion agreement, criminal proceedings shall be suspended by appropriate order of the Court until completion of the Diversion Program.  Charges will be dismissed with prejudice upon successful completion of diversion requirements. Failing to complete requirements of diversion program may result in the Court order to terminate Diversion and resume the criminal proceedings on the original complaint.

If you have further questions about or need assistance with the diversion program, you may contact our office at 620-272-3568.

Applying for Diversion

Paying for Diversion

  • Acceptable forms of payment include credit card (online/in-person), money order and cash. Personal checks not accepted.
  • Online Payment: Click here to make a payment online.
  • Money Order or cash payment remit:

Finney County Attorney’s Office

409 9th Ninth St

Garden City, KS 67846

Please print your name and case number when paying with cash or money order. If you do not have your case number please call our direct line, (620) 272-3568.

Checking In

  • Please check in by email to ficadiversion@finneycounty.org. Include your name, case number, contact information changes and any diversion requirement updates.

Submitting Additional Requirements

  • If you are required to complete community service hours, evaluations, or classes per your agreement, you may mail or email a copy of your community service hours log, evaluations, and course completion.
  • Please submit all documents with your full name, address, DOB and case number, if you do not have your case number please call the direct line at 620-272-3568.

Juvenile Diversion Program

  • If you are a minor and would like to apply for the Juvenile Diversion Program please fill out the Juvenile Diversion Application.
  • Juvenile Diversion Applications must be reviewed and submitted by the attorney representing the juvenile defendant. Applications without an attorney signature will not be processed successfully.