Assessment Process

Back-On-Track Assessment

Every program offered by Youth Services requires that the youth complete an assessment to determine risk and protective factors. Those youth that are not court ordered to be on a program but participate in one of our first time offender programs will complete the Back-On-Track assessment. This assessment measures risk in several areas, such as, school, family, peer relations, drug and alcohol usage, and anti-social behavior. The cost of this assessment is $125.

YLS / CMI Assessment

Those youth that are placed on a State-mandated program will complete the YLS / CMI Assessment. This is a State assessment developed for use with juvenile offenders. This assessment measures eight different domains to determine the appropriate risk level. The State would like to see this assessment used as a pre-adjudication tool. There is currently one pilot program in Johnson County. This assessment determines the level of supervision that each youth should receive and what domains should be targeted to reduce recidivism.

Inter-disciplinary Team

Once an assessment is completed it is brought before our Inter-disciplinary team. Our team is comprised of the following:

  • Area Mental Health
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselor
  • SRS
  • Court Services
  • Case manager
  • Juvenile that completed the assessment

The Inter-disciplinary team looks at the risk factors and develops an individual plan to best work with that particular juvenile.