Utility Division


The Finney County Department of Public Works-Utility Division provides One Call (800-DIG-SAFE) utility locates for our Road and Bridge Division projects and manages required Utility Permits for work within the road right of ways of Finney County. The Utility Division is also provides for the operation maintenance of the County’s three Sewer Districts.

Sewer District # 1

Finney County Sewer District # 1 was formed and completed in 1983. This District is located east of Garden City, mostly south of Highway 50 and adjacent to Farmland Road. There have been two lateral Districts added, one for Chappel Park in Airlinks Industrial and one for Foltz Industrial Park.

Sewer District # 2

Finney County Sewer District # 2 was developed in 1995. This District serves part of Southwind Subdivision. All new construction will be required to use this facility.

Sewer District # 3

Finney County Sewer District # 3 was petitioned and formed in 1998. Construction of the infrastructure was completed in 2002. This district serves the Towns Riverview Subdivision and the Towns Riverview South Subdivision.