The Landfill Division consists of two landfill sites, the Brookover Landfill and the Weldon Landfill.

Brookover Landfill

The Brookover Landfill was opened in 1976 and was operated by the Finney County Department of Public Works. This landfill was closed in 1985 after all available capacity was used. Finney County is still responsible for long-term care of this site. This includes ongoing ground water sampling and testing monitoring programs.

Weldon Landfill

The Weldon Landfill began operating in 1985 after the Brookover Landfill was closed. This site is located three miles east of Garden City. Finney County owned and operated this site until the landfill was privatized in 1995. This landfill is currently owned and operated by Waste Connections, Inc. Although the landfill is privately owned and operated, Finney County still has some responsibility for ground water sampling at this site.