Political Party Information

There are 3 recognized parties in Kansas (Hay 3 partidos reconocidos en Kansas):

Or you may also choose to be Unaffiliated, which simply means you are not affiliated with any party.

O tambien puede escojer ser no afiliado, cual simplemente significa que usted no esta afiliado con ningun partido. 

Historically, the Republican and Democratic parties have been the primary parties in Kansas. These are the only 2 parties having organized committees in Finney County. For more information on these parties, please contact the committees.

Historicamente, los partidos Republicanos y democratico han sido los partidos primaries de Kansas. Estos son los unicos 2 partidos que aigan hecho commites organizados en Finney County. Para cualquier otra informacion sobre estos partidos, porfavor contactar los commites de abajo.

Finney County Democratic Committee

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Finney County Republican Committee

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